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24th October, 2007

So, I finally got the Interview with Dragon Furry placed on the site. Next, the cast page and fan art pages.

20th March, 2007

Ok, so I havn't updated this in a while. I've done some work on the site, and I've added a links page and an archive. There really isn't that mych else to say.

8th December, 2006

Heads up peeps, my ultra secret project is complete. I GIVE YOU THE LGO FORUM.
OK, so I only asked for it this morning, but now I have one. There's nothing there yet, but I hope all you people come and contribute. I will be puting some guest art and my own art there soon.

29th November, 2006

OK people, for newyears I intend to draw four wallpapers that go with the comic. Eventually they will go into a dedicated section on this site, but until then they will only be available on my Deviant Art site.

23rd October, 2006;

I'm back, after a few teathing problems, such as not actually building up a large enough comic back-up for the problems that I thouught I would face and those unexpected things that always turn up. but, now I will have enough to keep the site going for a while. Tune into my deviant art site for a haloween 'strip'.
In a diferent note, I'm puting the Q&A on hold, as I have no questions to pad it out (hardly suprising when you consider howlong the comics have been going).

Works in progress;
Cast page
Fan Art page

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