The Interview

In July, 2007, Dragon Furry interviewed Andy Finney, the writer and artist of Life Goes On on Deviant Art.

Here's what went on between legendary dragon and the not-quite-so-legendary grey fox...

After the last succes with a interview with Spacewolf Omega and Sebastis I return with a fresh scoop. This time I bring you the creator of Life Goes On, the man behind the dance-off and winner of countless fan pictures of his character Jess :D
Give a warm welcome to a real english fox

So heeeeere we gooo! The interview.

So how did you come up with the idea for LGO?.
OW: Originally, I decided it might be fun to do a little comic in my spare time, but when I decided to start, my artistic skills where, well, lacking. The whole project went onto a back burner for over two years, as I realised I needed to concentraite on my exams in collage more. When I got to University, I had an idea to improve my handrighting with drawing, so I dug up the idea of LGO. I'd forgotten most of the ideas that I'd had, so I decided to completly recreate it. I decided that I wanted to bring back the dying art of british semi slapstic comedy. So, I came up with the current incarnation of LGO.

You have a rather unic bunch of characters, what was the inpiration for them?
OW: With the original idea, I wanted to do more of an adventurer comic. Omega would have been the hero, with two followers, Jessica and Sarah. As the original idea kinda fell through, I totally re wrote the cast. Sarah, who had started life as a deer, became a cat, which are (in my opinion) easier to draw. She was also going to have paterned fur, but I decided that the burn add's more character. Omega has always been an Incubus, the idea for which I got from one of my favorite web comics, DMFA. I just liked the idea of something 'evil' being nice and friendly. Jake came in as a kind of balence in the new incarnation. I wanted a character who was used to the strangeness of the others, but was normal in himself. And Jess, I wanted a character who was slightly bonkers, but in a good way.
OW: And I like foxes

What you think is the hardest part about making a web-comic?
OW: To me, it was finding a way to keep up with my update schedual. As you may have noticed that I have had to call in a little help to keep up at the moment.
DF:That I have :D

How do you see Life Goes On in the furture?
OW: Well, I have been trying to plan ahead. I already have the basis down for the next few storylines; An explination on the relationship between Omega and Jake, How Jess met Omega, and the development of Sarah and Jake's relationship. I try to plan a little ahead, but not too ridgedly, so I can change the upcoming stories if I have a great idea.

Who is your fav. character and why?
OW: Oh they all are. They feel a bit like an extention of myself. BUT, if I can only pick one character, I'm going with Jess. Even though she is kinda the hardest for me to draw, as I'm not very good at the sensual female form, I love her care-free attitude, the fact that she really doesn't care what others attitude to her is, just as long as she's happy, and just as long as her husband and her still love each other.

How long does it take to make a single eps?
OW: Depends really. If the mood takes me, I can have the pencil outline done in just over an hour, the inking in another 20 minutes, scaned, cleaned, coloured and be adding text just two and a half hours from originally aplying pencil to paper. BUT, if I can't get in the mood, it can take several days, with me coninuously coming back to it and changing the pencil art. I think the longest one was that big one I did with the slide show, which took nearly a week, with me constantly re designing everything. The quickest one I ever did was the one with Omega and Jess in bed, which I did in nearly two hours.

If we could ask Jess ”What do you think of Andrew?” what would her answear be?
OW: "He's nice! He didn't just stare at my chest weirdly like some men."

And you got anything you want to tell the fans of Life Goes On?
OW: Not that I can think, except Thank you all for your support. As long as one person likes this comic, I'll keep drawing it.

Well thank you for doing this little interview. I hope you had fun.
OW: Yes I did. I never thought I'd get on the furry equvilent of Parkinson.

Oh and one last thing... Remulos keeps steeping on my tail. He wants to know if your can give him a small part some day?
OW: Sure. If anyone wants a cameo, all they have to do is ask. I'll see what I can do.

Well thats all for now. Acting reporter Dragon Furry signing off ;)